Online Betting Vs. Gambling

Believe it or not, gambling and betting are classed as two different things. Here to make it clear, we define betting as the active when wagering money on the odds of an outcome. When it comes to gambling, this is more about wagering on chance via a gaming platform not influenced by programming. So, which is better?

Either Way You Play, You need the right Casino

Whether your passion is to gamble or to bet, neither will be available at their best unless you pick a casino that meets the highest standards of the player and that of the industry. So, in looking for a new online casino that offers both services, we advise heading here as you will be provided with a list of South African casinos which are licensed and regulated, plus, legally allowed to be used in South African regions.

Here you will get your casinos that meet the standards needed and that are proved by independent regulatory bodies to have games that are fair to play on.

The Perks of Betting Online

So, when looking at the argument, which is essentially asking why is betting better than playing online slots, the response could be as simple as saying the online slots are programmed, yet betting on a game of football, comes with more fairer connotations.

This could be the only argument, but it is a fair one and it is one that needs to be used because it is true. Betting on sports has a huge advantage over machine play, players can essentially pick how they win their money given the many numbers of markets there are.

Betting is more controlling, and the fate of the outcome resides in those that are participating in the event or team which you have laid your bets upon.

Given current trends in the casino market, it would seem to be the favourable option for most that use casinos. Sports betting from within the arenas the casinos provide are more than 19% more popular than any other section the casino may provide to its members.

The Appeal of Gambling

So, what hope is there of playing classic casino games? Well, not everyone likes sports betting, but there is diversity in machine games, there are far higher rewards to win. With sports betting, payouts are capped. You could make an accumulator that returns 1 million, but these caps only ever mean the casino will, at most, payout in the region of 300,000 to 500,000 depending on their terms and conditions. With games like online slots that come with 14+ million prizes to be won, you get every penny of it that you win.

Now, this could also be the only argument to use against betting and it’s a good one, because not many people have won beyond the 100,000 mark from sports betting online, yet many have won millions in jackpots from online slot machines.

So, which is better online betting or gambling? The answer is, why not try to enjoy both.